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PD Gladiators Combating Parkinson's Disease

Artwork donated by Tim Brandt*

PD Gladiators™ is a nonprofit organization devoted to combating Parkinson’s disease with vigorous exercise. Our mission is to focus the attention of people with PD and the medical community on the role of exercise in slowing the progression of PD and to make community-based exercise programs available to people with PD and their care partners. We hope that by demonstrating the value of vigorous exercise and community-based programs to practicing neurologists, they will spark an increase in participation in the PD community by people  with Parkinson’s, leading to a more robust exercise/physical therapy infrastructure, a freer flow of information among Parkinson’s patients through increased social interactions, and greater participation in clinical trials.

DonateWe are a Georgia nonprofit corporation based in the Atlanta area and managed by a highly qualified Management Team. Thanks to our individual donors and generous grants and in-kind support from our sponsors, we operate the PD Gladiators Metro Atlanta Fitness Network, an affiliation of Metro Atlanta fitness instructors, the YMCA of Metro Atlanta, personal trainers, experienced volunteers with Parkinson’s disease and care partners offering a package of PD-specific exercise classes and support that will help people with Parkinson’s design a personal exercise program that is effective, fun and sustainable. We now offer 60 weekly classes on our schedule, providing easy access to PD-specific programming to most of metro Atlanta. Please visit our PD Gladiators Metro Atlanta Fitness Network page to learn more.

PD Gladiators has been featured in local and national media (see PDG in the News), including the following report on WAGA-FOX 5 News by Medical Team Reporter Beth Galvin:


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* Tim Brandt is an artist whose work has flourished since his diagnosis with Parkinson’s disease. He has been profiled by Art World Chicago and his charcoals and sculptures are available for purchase on his website Shaking Arts. Many thanks to Tim for his donation of the PD Gladiators logo featured on this site!

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