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Brains Need Exercise Too

By Valeria Gary, CCC-SLP Speech-Language Pathologist A commonly known fact is that physical activity is good for your health. It’s not just your muscles and heart that benefit from exercise. Physical activity is also good for cognitive* health. But don’t stop at just physical activity. Your brain needs to be “exercised” too. Research has shownRead More »

“Living Well with Parkinson’s: Nutrition and Neuroplasticity” – Event Highlights 30 Days of Hope

Written by Annie Long and Larry Kahn PD Gladiators has been conducting our 30 Days of Hope campaign to mark Parkinson’s Awareness Month, emphasizing the enormous potential of exercise and other lifestyle modifications to slow the progression of PD and improve quality of life for people living with Parkinson’s. The highlight of the campaign wasRead More »

Paul Delgado Gladiator of the Year Award: Nominate Your Fellow Gladiator!

PD Gladiators is now accepting nominations for the 2017 Paul Delgado Gladiator of the Year Award. The tribute will be granted annually to a person living with Parkinson’s disease who has combated PD with hard work, dedication and perseverance–traits exhibited by Paul Delgado, the recently-retired founder of the Livramento Delgado Boxing Foundation-PD Gladiators Boxing Training for PDRead More »


By John Tabellione While the closing of Delgado Boxing & Fitness marks the end of an era for owner Paul Delgado, he has built a legacy that will endure beyond bricks and mortar. During the course of searching for multiple adjectives and synonyms to describe Delgado’s engaging personality and multiple accomplishments, the origins of hisRead More »

The Fantastic Five Take PD Gladiators By Storm!

Next Generation of Doctors Learning About PD From You Lean, young and confident, they strode onto the floor at Delgado Boxing in a (presumably) unintended V-formation, reminiscent of a tribe of newly-minted superheroes. But “The Fantastic Five,” as I have since dubbed them, are mere mortals seeking to understand how those of us struggling withRead More »

PD Gladiators Featured on AIB-TV’s “Life Plus”

From AIB-TV: “Find out how boxing and dance help people living with Parkinson’s Disease thrive through the no-holds-barred work out through PD Gladiators.” This episode of Life Plus first aired on AIB-TV on September 28th. The story editor, Audrey Galex, nails what we’re all about: strength, honor, hope and friendship.  

Our Featured PD Gladiator: Richard Roeder

Richard Roeder, our featured PD Gladiator, seems mild-mannered upon first meeting, but he is a fighter. First diagnosed with Parkinson’s in October 2014, the Cumming resident joined the Boxing Training for PD program operated by Livramento Delgado Boxing Foundation about a year ago on the recommendation of his neurologist, Dr. Barry McCasland. He struggled for aRead More »

News From the Front: Key Takeaways from the World Parkinson’s Congress, Part I (Diet, Exercise & Supplements)

The World Parkinson’s Congress brings together Parkinson’s patients, caregivers, clinicians, researchers and advocates  from all over the world every three years to update the community on the latest developments in research and living well with the disease and to inspire us all to keep fighting. The Fourth WPC was held in Portland, Oregon on  September 21Read More »

This Month’s Featured PD Gladiators: Kathy Shoji and Betsy Gaydos Do It At The Y

Betsy Gaydos (pictured in the black shirt) and Kathy Shoji (orange shirt, back row) are taking full advantage of all the YMCA has to offer for people with Parkinson’s. The two PD Gladiators took part in the Fulton County Golden Games last month with fellow players from the Ed Isaakson YMCA and got bronze medals (3rd place)Read More »

A Daughter Supports Her Gladiator Mom by Running for the Money

Lynn Turley joined the PD Gladiators Boxing Training program operated by the Livramento Delgado Boxing Foundation in October, and she and her companion, Spencer Roane, have become two of the program’s most enthusiastic participants. Lynn is an example of how discovering an effective group exercise program adapted for Parkinson’s disease and sticking with it religiouslyRead More »