General Fitness for PD (Smyrna)

This General Fitness for PD class was designed specifically for People with Parkinson’s Disease (PWPD) and their care partners.  Research has shown that exercise can help reduce Parkinson’s symptoms and slow the progression of the disease.  PWPD’s who participate in exercise programs demonstrate better walking ability, balance, strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness.

Each 45-minute session will incorporate various exercises using bands, balls, and light hand weights.  This class is designed for sitting or standing and will challenge all levels of fitness with fun aerobic, coordination/balance, strengthening, and stretching exercises in an effort to improve PWPD’s functional capacities and sense of well-being.  It incorporates music, but participants will not be asked to learn choreographed moves, so there’s no learning curve.

“If it’s Tuesday, it must be PD exercise class day at the Wolfe Adult Recreation Center in Smyrna.   At 1:15 a group of 5-10 people with PD gather for an exercise class with our instructor Laura Hughes.   I go to the class as an auxiliary program to my regular personal routine.  Laura always tries to change it up every week so it doesn’t get routine and predictable .   For example one week she focuses on balance, another on stretching, and another on coordination to name a few.  It’s a combination of chair and standing exercises and everyone is encouraged to go at their own level and is appropriate for nearly any level of mobility.   At the end of the class she gives us a homework exercise and we leave feeling like we’ve made the most of the past hour and we had fun doing it! “–Carl P., Vinings

Instructor: Laura Hughes: 404-293-3790,

When: Tuesdays, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Where: Aline Wolfe Adult Recreation Center,  884 Church Street, Smyrna, GA 30080

Cost: $5.00 per class (free trial class available); only Cobb County residents may take classes at the Recreation Center.  There is an annual fee of $25.00 for Smyrna residents to use the Recreation Center. ($55.00 for Cobb County residents who do not reside in the city of Smyrna.) The annual fee will be waived for your first session if you want to try the class before committing to an annual membership. Please contact the Recreation Center for more information regarding class and annual fees at 678-631-5541.

Equipment: The Wolfe Center provides all equipment used in the class.

Eligibility: Ages 55 and up (but the Center will accept younger PwPs if you call). This class is appropriate for people who can exercise at a mild to moderate intensity with minimal assistance during standing activity.  Assistive devices can be used.  Arm chairs are provided. Care partners, friends and family are welcome to join the class.

Safety: This general  fitness class has been modified to meet the needs of Parkinson’s patients. Laura has completed the “Community Exercise for People with Parkinson’s Disease” course sponsored by the Georgia Chapter of the American Parkinson Disease Association and presented by MDT Education Solutions.

Registration/Reservations: No registration or reservations necessary for your free trial class. Register at the Wolfe Center if you decide to join the class. We recommend contacting PD Gladiators or the instructor (or checking the Online Scheduler‘s CLASSES tab) to confirm the class you wish to attend has not been cancelled for the day.


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