Honored to Be a Gladiator

My sister Sallie, mother Allyson and me

Hello fellow Gladiators!

I’m honored to join this amazing group of people and look forward to getting to know you over the next few months as I visit your classes, hear more about your experiences and what I can do to better support your valiant efforts to fight Parkinson’s disease (PD).

A little about me … my mom Allyson was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in February of 2013. What she thought would be a fairly painless visit to the neurologist turned into a diagnosis of PD.

I reached out to the National Parkinson Foundation (now a division of the Parkinson’s Foundation) and helped them plan the inaugural Moving Day Atlanta event. It was a day filled with tears, laughter and most importantly HOPE. We walked, danced and learned about the types of exercises that could benefit my mom. She began exercising as if her life depended on it – because it did and it does. Nearly 5 years after her diagnosis, she works out with a personal trainer, boxes and continues to exercise vigorously. Her mantra is that exercise is the best medicine and one without side effects!

I am so passionate about working with the Parkinson’s community and believe wholeheartedly in the mission of PD Gladiators. As the new Associate Director, I will focus my attention on marketing our network to increase participation, raising awareness within the healthcare community, recruiting new Board Members and volunteers to better support our programs, fundraising to ensure we can continue to grow and expand our offerings, and developing additional outreach programs and case management services to help all of you on the path to better health.

I look forward to supporting you. Together, we will continue kicking PD’s butt.


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