January Newsletter: “If we build it…”

PD Gladiator Logo (web res white FINAL)2014 was a whirlwind first year for PD Gladiators, and thanks to $15,000 in Moving Day grants from the National Parkinson Foundation and help from a coalition of other sponsors, fitness instructors, the YMCA of Metro Atlanta and expert trainers, we made good on our promise to build a network of safe, low-cost group exercise classes adapted for people with Parkinson’s disease blanketing metro Atlanta. With over 40 weekly classes in place by mid-January, the only remaining question is: “Will you come?”

Click on the following link to view the PD Gladiators January Newsletter, which is dedicated to informing you about the PD Gladiators Metro Atlanta Fitness Network and the role of exercise in slowing the progression of PD. Here’s a summary of what’s inside this issue:

  • Our Flagship Program: Livramento Delgado Boxing Foundation’s Boxing Training for PD Program
  • Schedule of Classes
  • The Neuroscience: Exercise May Offer Our Best Hope of Neuroprotection
  • Our First Featured PD Gladiator
  • The Very Real Cost of Denial, Apathy and Complacency: Don’t Wait for the (Sinemet) Honeymoon to be Over!
  • PD Gladiators at the Y: Our Community Partnership with the YMCA of Metro Atlanta
  • The Network’s Heart and Soul: Our Independent Fitness Instructors and Certified Personal Trainers
  • MDT Education Solutions: Adapting Group Exercise Programs for People with PD
  • The Network Is Built—Will You Come?
  • Our Sponsors: National Parkinson Foundation, American Parkinson Disease Association–Georgia, Georgia Parkinson’s Association, YMCA of Metro Atlanta and Ability Rehab

We hope you enjoy the newsletter and will pass it along to others who may be interested. Keep fighting!

Click the following link to view the newsletter: PD Gladiators January Newsletter

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  1. This is a wonderful achievement, people of Atlanta be proud that you have a facility of this calibre available. Congratulations PD Gladiators

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