Atlanta Clinical Trials

The following Parkinson’s disease clinical trials are recruiting participants in the Atlanta metro area. Click the links below to view additional information about the trials and to learn how to sign up.

Balance Research Study: recruiting healthy volunteers and patients with Parkinson’s disease to participate in an research study on biomechanics and muscle activity during standing and walking balance. Emory – about 3 hours, $50 compensation.

Brain Imaging Research Study: recruiting healthy volunteers and patients with Parkinson’s disease to participate in an MRI study of Parkinson’s disease. The aim is to develop new imaging tools to help study Parkinson’s disease and develop new treatments. $30 compensation.

TOZ-PD Study: for people with Parkinson’s Disease who are currently taking L-dopa and at least one other medication to control their PD symptoms. The purpose of the study is to examine the safety and effectiveness of L-dopa in combination with a new investigational medication called tozadenant.


New Medication Study (Dr. Evatt): New medication for people experiencing periods during the day when medications wear off


Tango Research Study (Dr. Hackney): Effects of Tango and Health Education in people with Parkinson Disease on cognition, mobility and balance


Imaging Study (Dr. Hackney): Brain function and movement research study; volunteers (age 40+) with or without PD needed for a single visit participation


Bladder Research Study (Dr. Vaughan): Behavioral Therapy to Treat Urinary Symptoms in Parkinson’s Disease


Balance and Mobility Study (Drs. Hackney McKay Ting): Studying balance and mobility in adults over 40 with and without PD; involves laboratory visits lasting about 3 hours with balance and walking testing.


Steady-PD III Efficacy of Isradipine in Early PD (Parkinson Study Group funded by NIHDS): study designed to learn whether isradipine is effective in slowing the progression of PD. Among others, inclusion criteria include a diagnosis of PD of less than 3 years and not taking dopaminergic therapy at time of study enrollment.


Excessive Drooling Study: A research study is being conducted to evaluate an investigational product for Sialorrhea (troublesome drooling).


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