Livramento Delgado Boxing Foundation and Ability Rehab Collaborate to Keep the PD Gladiators in Fighting Form

ATLANTA, April 6, 2015 – Music is blaring from the loudspeakers. Retired professional boxer Paul Delgado is in top form, striding purposefully, barking out combinations to almost two dozen boxers pounding bright red heavy bags. They’re breathing hard, dripping with sweat, but Delgado—a former champion who earned a reputation for never quitting in the ring–urges them to keep pounding the bags. He urges the PD Gladiators to fight for their lives.

“We train them just as if they’re getting ready for a championship fight, but their fight doesn’t end,” Delgado says.

LDBF-final-smallThe PD Gladiators are men and women ranging in age from their forties to eighties who are afflicted with Parkinson’s disease, a slowly progressive, debilitating brain disorder that has no cure. Symptoms include slowness of movement, tremor, muscle stiffness, and postural instability and ultimately results in loss of independence. These fighters have signed up for Livramento Delgado Boxing Foundation’s Boxing Training for Parkinson’s Disease class—which meets at the Delgado Boxing Gym in Sandy Springs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at noon–because the latest clinical research indicates that vigorous exercise may be the only treatment that can slow the progression of the disease and, like Delgado, they have no quit in them.

“I have been a physical therapist for nine years and this is the first time I have been made speechless by observing an exercise class,” says Leanne Hymes, Director of Development at Ability Rehab. “The trainers helped each individual with compassion and skill that blew me away. After seeing the intensity of the exercise these boxers go through, I was sure they might have some aches and pains, as most athletes do.”

logo_200Ability Rehab recognized the importance of preventing these aches and pains from becoming serious injuries that could interfere with the Gladiators’ exercise routines and offered to collaborate with LDBF. Hymes volunteered to screen participants once a month—alternating between the Wednesday and Saturday classes–and give recommendations on when to rest or make modifications to an activity. “I look forward to being able to help the participants of this class avoid injury and be able to maintain involvement in such a beneficial activity,” she says.

Hymes will begin the monthly screenings at 11:45am on Saturday, April 11th.


 About Livramento Delgado Boxing Foundation

LDBF is a Georgia nonprofit established in 2013 to develop and equip underprivileged and challenged individuals of all ages through the lessons learned in the art of boxing. In January 2014, LDBF initiated the PD Gladiators Boxing Training for PD program to give people with Parkinson’s disease hope by providing a typical non-contactboxing training workout that provides intense exercise along with the intentional mind-body, goal-oriented coordination that may help slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease. LDBF is sponsored by the National Parkinson Foundation and is a member of the PD Gladiators Metro Atlanta Fitness Network.

 About Ability Rehab

Ability Rehab LLC focuses on outpatient services providing Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy in Atlanta and the surrounding area. Many of their clients are older adults who reside in Assisted Living Facilities or attend Adult Day Centers. The company specializes in bringing treatment services onsite within these facilities as well as treating individuals who require help recovering from traumatic injuries, physical setbacks, or overuse from sport activities.

Contact: Paul Delgado, (404) 856-0093,

Leanne Hymes, (678) 298-9484,




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