My Video Chat With Richard London

Richard London Parkinson Chat on Exercise and PD and PD GladiatorsI first met Richard London at the Southeastern Parkinson’s Disease Conference in October 2012, where he was the keynote speaker on the topic of laugh therapy. My wife, Ellie, and I spent a lot of time speaking with Rich, who signs his emails with the advice to “keep smiling,” advice he follows daily despite living with Parkinson’s disease for nine years and surviving prostate cancer since 2003. Using the philosophy of his A Handbook for Life seminars he has developed a thriving real estate investment business, started several computer companies, and has practiced and taught martial arts for over 26 years.  But most importantly, he cherishes his relationships with everyone he comes in contact with.

Rich truly feels that everyone can direct their own happiness and success.  As he says, “Life is a test.  It’s a test of perseverance, a test of faith and a test of will.  I’VE DECIDED TO PASS THE TEST.” Then he asks, “Will you join me?”

You can join Rich weekly for his Parkinson’s chats, compelling expert guests and lively interaction every week on the important topic of not only living with, but living well with Parkinson’s disease. I had the honor of being Rich’s guest last week, when we discussed PD Gladiators, the boxing program and our larger mission to focus the attention of people with Parkinson’s disease and the  medical community on the role of exercise in slowing the progression of PD and to make community-based exercise programs available to people with PD and their care partners. Although I would expect nothing less from such a gentleman, Rich was a fabulous host, and I think you will enjoy our conversation, which covered a lot of interesting ground.

To view an archive copy of our video chat, visit Rich’s website.

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