By John Tabellione

While the closing of Delgado Boxing & Fitness marks the end of an era for owner Paul Delgado, he has built a legacy that will endure beyond bricks and mortar.

During the course of searching for multiple adjectives and synonyms to describe Delgado’s engaging personality and multiple accomplishments, the origins of his given name and surname emerged: the derivation of “Paul” comes from the Latin word, “Paulus,” meaning “small,” whereas “Delgado” originates from the Portuguese definition of “slender.”

While those words from a physical standpoint may coincidentally describe the founder and head trainer of the LDBF-PD Gladiators Boxing Training for PD program, they certainly don’t begin to define him as person. In fact, those translations represent the exact opposite of who and what Paul is: a multi-talented giant among men, head and shoulders above the average boxer.

Appropriately, his nickname—“The Truth”—tells it like it is: Paul is the “real deal,” a man for all seasons, a recognized achiever, who continues to overachieve in several areas beyond his boxing expertise.

As one of the most unforgettable characters you’ll ever meet, Paul is a champ in so many other facets of life. Let’s count the ways: faith filled family man; successful boxer; inspirational actor; entrepreneurial businessman; expert engineer; healthcare crusader; and, benefactor to Parkinson’s patients, among others.

It tells a lot about a man when he places God as his first priority. Paul unabashedly says he gave his life to his Lord when he began a professional boxing career in 2001, and he quotes from John 8:31 as his mantra: “…and the truth shall set you free.” He elaborates saying, “I’m staying in my lane. I’m staying in God’s plan.”

A dedicated family man, as well, when asked what he does for entertainment and recreation, he says his idea of fun is spending quality time with his wife, Kelly, and three children.

Practically everyone at PD Gladiators knows of Paul’s achievements as the International Boxing Federation (IBF) Welterweight Champion, and his being the amateur title-holder as the Southern New England Golden Gloves Champion. Did you know, however, that Paul is technically educated with a specialty background in engineering? In his “spare time,” he partners with an architect to design permit drawings for commercial construction projects.

Paul has never forgotten his roots. A native of the Cape Verde Islands prior to growing up in New Bedford, Massachusetts, he initiated a 501(c)(3) foundation, which he named in honor of one of his early mentors, Coach Livramento. While originally formed to start a mentorship program for troubled youths, the

Rock Steady Boxing Certified Trainer for Parkinson's Disease

Our Trainer: Paul Delgado

Livramento Delgado Boxing Foundation now benefits the PD Gladiators organization with special programs and discounted membership fees. The program is much-loved by its participants, and Paul wants to rebrand the Foundation so that it can expand to other boxing facilities within the Atlanta metro area. His objective is to reach even more people with Parkinson’s disease who might benefit from the Rock Steady regimen complemented by the Delgado touch.

His exemplary record of hiring and relying upon the capable staff that we know and love at Delgado Boxing bodes well for this new venture. Paul deflects any praise, and as he puts it, “We have such a dynamic group because we have a humble, humble group of men who respect one another first and foremost, and really love each other like family members. That’s a culture that’s difficult to build. It’s unique and different than most.”

Last year, after being misdiagnosed for years, Paul learned he has chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a progressive degenerative disease which afflicts the brain of people who have suffered repeated concussions and traumatic brain injuries, such as athletes who take part in contact sports. While Paul will be slowing down his frenetic pace to focus on his health, he is embarking on a crusade to help other fighters receive proper medical treatment to proactively diagnose similar head traumas, advocating for annual MRI testing of all boxers in every state. “I want to bring some changes to the sport of boxing. I want to bring awareness. Boxers are out there with the same thing I have and don’t even know it.”

In the boxing universe, Paul “The Truth” Delgado may be officially classified as a welterweight boxer. In the outside, real world, however, the truth is: he’s a real heavyweight champion in so many other aspects of life.


  1. Thank you John, for this wonderful tribute to a very special man. My prayers will be with him as he goes forward and I will be forever grateful to the whole group of PD Gladiators and instructors who have enriched my life. The Bible says, “in all things give thanks”. If not for a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease, I would have missed all these awesome people for whom I do give thanks.

  2. There are few people we meet during our lifetime who change our lives. Paul Delgado is one of them. THANKS Paul for ALL you do!!!

  3. So true! He really is a giant among men. We love him and will miss him but know he is doing what he wants to do and still helping others. May God bless him and his family in all his endeavors!!

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