PD Gladiators at the Y Testimonials

The following are more detailed comments by participants in the PD Gladiators at the Y program:

“Great facility with enthusiastic instructors providing fun classes. I have two classes per week with two instructors. One class is more equipment (balls, strap, weight) oriented. The other we call our PD Zumba class. The combination of the two provides for a variety of enjoyable exercise experiences…The instructors are very conscious about promoting personal safety and limitations. That being said, the classes provide both a physically and mentally challenging workout. The variety of music rhythm, exercise moves and constantly changing work out speeds challenges everyone to extend their own limits…I have increased my flexibility and endurance since I started, reducing pain, stiffness and fatigue. The physical and mental stimulation has helped with my balance and coordination, (even though I still have the rhythm of a brick!). And the exercise and social interaction  improve  my mood and both my public and self confidence.” –Randall V., Snellville, GA

“I love the lively pace and wide variety of movements. Our instructor comes up with new “stuff” for every session. She also plays some great old music to help keep us moving and singing…there is very little downtime between movements. Remember that there is a wide range of stages of PD, so some may be sitting or in a wheel chair.” –Mike V., Suwanee, GA

“It is my pleasure to testify to the professionalism and performance of Lynn Wark [of the Forsyth County Family YMCA].  John and I have experienced several exercise classes for Parkinson’s patients…None have been as thorough as Lynn’s classes.  Her method of instruction is easy for people to understand and her personality comes through making the class fun…The variety of the exercises from week to week is another calling card for all Parkinson’s persons.  It doesn’t get old or dull and everyone looks forward to what is in store each week.  I think Lynn is a blessing to all of us.  We are very fortunate to have found her, the Y and her classes.” –Martha C., Cumming, GA

“Classes at Ed Isaakson Y are  every Tuesday and Thursday  from 1 to 1:50. They are taught by excellent instructors who

do ongoing training. We work on balance, core, strength, stretching, etc. The instructors rotate but know our strengths and weaknesses and guide us both as a group and individually  on  our various levels…The social interaction is very good and as important as  the physical part of   the class and a  factor in encouraging regular attendance. The class is also a great place to share information. Most of us do other Y activities and classes. In my case it’s  pickle ball which I consider t o be the key to my future health. I feel “normal” when I play.”–Kathy S., Alpharetta, GA

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