PD Gladiators Spring Newsletter

Spring has finally sprung, and hopefully most of us will be getting outdoors more to exercise with our arm-swinging brothers and sisters, soaking up those golden vitamin D-filled rays. It has been a busy first season for PD Gladiators, and we have much to report.

PD Gladiators Boxing Training Program Hits Atlanta

Our boxing training class operated by Delgado Boxing launched on January 4th and has been an unqualified success. Paul Delgado and his trainers have been working our Gladiators hard, preparing us for the fight of our lives. We already have about 20 people with Parkinson’s disease and care partners signed up, and word PDG First Class Pic 01-04-14is starting to get around town that we’re delivering the combination of vigorous exercise and goal-directed activity that top neurologists recommend to possibly slow disease progression or even reverse the decline. Check out this inspirational video from a recent class: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-ex8vZTnz4

Delgado Boxing is considering adding midweek classes, and there’s still room for more on Saturdays. In each class, participants stretch and warm up, perform calisthenics and receive instruction in boxing training techniques using focus mitts, heavy bags, speed bags, and double-ended bags. It’s a chance to get some vigorous exercise in a fun and social environment! Visit our boxing training class page for more details or to sign up for a free trial.

Many thanks to our sponsors, the Georgia Parkinson’s Association the APDA-Georgia and Livramento Delgado Boxing Foundation, whose generous contributions have kept costs down for our boxers. Paul Delgado has also recently completed training at the Rock Steady Boxing Training Camp in Indianapolis, courtesy of the GPA. We’re looking forward to reaping the benefits of the new techniques Paul has learned to help us fight back against Parkinson’s! He has big plans for expanding the program to include weekday classes and options for people with more advanced PD symptoms.

April 5th: Future Series 6: Amateur Boxing Charity Event; PD Gladiators Class Cancelled This Saturday

Future Series 6Delgado Boxing is hosting an amateur fight night, Future Series 6, on Saturday April 5th, from 4pm to 7:30pm. The doors open at 3pm. The event is a fundraiser for three nonprofits–PD Gladiators (we will receive 40% of the net from the event to help continue subsidizing our classes), Livramento Delgado Boxing Foundation (which will fund a mentoring program for troubled kids as well as subsidize our PD program), and the Georgia Amateur Boxing Association. Food and beverages will be available for sale. There will be about 20 fights–the combatants wear protective headgear and battle for only three 1.5 to 2 minute rounds. It’s a chance for new boxers to get a taste of competition in the ring in front of a crowd. Tickets for this event start at $10 and are on sale now. Limited ringside seating available for $15.  For more information or to purchase tickets, call Delgado Boxing at 404-856-0093 or email info@delgadoboxing.net.

Participants in the PD Gladiators boxing training program can pick up their complimentary tickets at Will Call on Saturday when you arrive for the event. Wear your PD Gladiators t-shirt if you have one! Note that our regular noon class will be cancelled this Saturday. Gladiators can participate in Delgado Boxing’s open class at 9am—punch cards will not be debited if you attend.

April 19th: Boxing Demo/Fundraiser at the Georgia Parkinson’s Association Walk for Hope

Paul Delgado and a team of PD Gladiators boxers will be conducting a demonstration of our boxing training program at the Georgia Parkinson’s Association’s 7th annual Walk for Hope in Cedartown, Georgia on Saturday, Cedartown walk for hopeApril 19th from 9:30am to 1pm at Peeks Park, College St., Cedartown, Georgia 30125. We’ll have extra gloves and wraps available for attendees who want to take a few jabs at punching out their Parkinson’s! The demonstration will take place in the amphitheater after the Walk, a little past noon. Gladiators, let us know if you want to participate in the demo. Our regular Saturday class at Delgado Boxing will be offered for those who prefer to stick to the gym.

The Walk for Hope is designed to raise awareness about Parkinson Disease and celebrate those living with PD and the advancements that have been made toward finding a cure. Funds raised help to provide education and support services to those affected by Parkinson disease including family and care partners. Access to education and support are key to living a better quality of life with Parkinson Disease. This year’s Walk for Hope will benefit the Georgia Parkinson’s Association, the APDA Georgia Chapter and PD Gladiators.

The GPA has taken a special interest in PD Gladiators and has generously offered to make a grant equal to the amount our PD Gladiators team raises in the Walk for Hope. To join our team or contribute, follow the links on our website’s “Donate” page. You don’t have to participate in the Walk to join the team and help us raise funds–and you don’t have to join the team or donate money to join us at the Walk!  

Catch the PD Gladiator Spirit

custom ink PDG t shirtYou don’t have to be a participant in our boxing training program to exhibit the PD Gladiator spirit! Our logo was designed by Tim Brandt, a person with Parkinson’s in Indiana, who discovered his creative side after being diagnosed. If you have more than a little fight in you behind that masked face, you’ll want to wear our t-shirt proudly. The shirts sell for $20, and 100% of the proceeds go to PD Gladiators. They will be available at Future Series 6 this Saturday at Delgado Gym, at the Walk for Hope on April 19th, at our classes, and on our website.

Buy one in person at a Georgia event, and we’ll cover the sales tax!

PD Gladiators Georgia Facebook Support Group

One of PD Gladiators’ goals is to make Georgia PWPs aware of resources available to help them live better with their condition and to expand those resources by increasing participation. There are about 13,000 PWPs in metro Atlanta but less than 100 participate in the 10 or so group exercise classes in the area. If we can increase participation inFB Like these programs, more classes can be provided at more locations, making them more convenient for everyone—creating a positive cycle of growth.

The first step towards participation is awareness. We’ve started a “secret” Facebook group called PD Gladiators – Georgia. We only have 25 members to start, and the dialogue is a bit slow to get rolling, but our goal is to connect Georgia PWPs on a new level. It’s a chance to share tips about community resources—group exercise programs, support group meetings, clinical trials, etc.—but it’s also a place where we can discuss ways to improve our PD community, address personal questions and concerns, or just vent. Nobody knows our disease better than we do, and we should be thinking about ways to improve our lives harder than anybody.

Contact us if you’re a Facebook member and would like an invitation to join the group. Membership is limited to Georgia PWP’s and their care partners. Information shared in the group will not be visible to other Facebook friends outside the group.

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