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The PD Gladiators Scheduler The PD Gladiators Scheduler lets you view the full Network schedule and become a registered PD Gladiators member (free). Registered members can electronically “sign” the required liability waiver (Participant Agreement and Release), make online reservations to save their slot if a class gets over-crowded, view their weekly schedule online, get convenient e-mail reminders and PD Gladiators newsletters, and keep track of their attendance.

To access the Scheduler, click on the red “View Schedule or Log-In” buttons located throughout this website. Let’s try out that red button now–it will open the Scheduler in a new tab or window, and you can go through the registration and class sign-up process while still referring to this page. Register If you have the Scheduler open now, you can view the Network schedule without logging in by using the tabs at the top of the page. It’s free and easy, but call us at (770) 450-0792 if you want us to walk you through the process. We can even do it for you while you’re on the phone. To self-register, follow the instructions below:

1. Sign In. To register for the first time, enter your name in the “Create Account” box as directed and click “Next.” (If your instructor or our office has already started an account for you, click “forgot password?” in the “Log In” box and follow the instructions provided in the system-generated email that was sent to you.)

2. Complete your “MY INFO” profile.  After entering the required contact information on the “Create an Account” page, please enter OPTIONAL responses in the next series of drop-down menus relating to your PD and your activity level. If you’re a care partner, please answer as many of these as are relevant. This information will assist us to determine the suitability of certain programs.

3: Create Log-in credentials. Enter your e-mail as your unique log-in to our site and create a safe password. Please be sure to leave the “Opt-In” box checked so that we can communicate with you via e-mail (e.g., notification of cancellations, class information, reminders, newsletters, etc.).

4. Enter family members in Box 3. If a family member/care partner may participate in classes with you, enter their information here. Click “yes” to the “Paid for by”question if you may pay instructors jointly. A profile will automatically be set up for your family member/care partner, and you will be able to reserve classes for each other (after you both complete profiles).

5.  Read and sign the Participant Agreement and Release. Check the box at the bottom of the page “I agree with the above terms” and click the “Create Account” button to become a registered participant in the Network. You should receive a confirmation e-mail immediately after signing up. Welcome! If you choose not to register online, your instructor will require you to sign a hard copy of the Participant Agreement and Release in class.

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