Sponsorship Opportunities

PD Gladiators wants to tear down every barrier that stands in the way of delivering hope through vigorous exercise to everyone afflicted with Parkinson’s disease—but to deliver that full-service experience in a sustainable way, we need the support of the community. We need you.

Your support will help ensure that the PD Gladiators Metro Atlanta Fitness Network continues to grow, giving people with Parkinson’s new ways to keep moving and to keep fighting.

Annual Corporate Partnership Campaign

PD Gladiators invites you to join us as an annual Corporate Partner. Recognition benefits vary based on the chosen sponsorship level and include high-level visibility among our network constituents, volunteers and donors through sponsor level recognition on our website, in our monthly newsletters and social media pages.

Outreach Event Sponsorship Opportunities

In addition to annual partnership opportunities, PD Gladiators also offers sponsorship opportunities for the events we host throughout the year. Events are subject to change but typically include special events (fundraisers), awareness events and educational programs. Sponsorship of individual events will be credited toward an annual corporate partnership campaign.

Questions? Please contact Associate Director Annie Long at annie.long@pdgladiators.org or call 713-823-1398.

Thanks to Our Annual Corporate Partners

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