Steve McCoy’s Parkinson’s in Real Time Podcast Set to Begin Next Week

Steve McCoy ParkinsonsinREALTimeLong-time Atlanta radio personality Steve McCoy–who only recently disclosed that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2007–is set to begin a new weekly podcast “Steve McCoy’s Parkinson’s in Real Time” next week. McCoy plans to use his broadcast skills to bring Parkinson’s patients information that will benefit them by interviewing doctors and experts who can help them with medicines and available services, taking calls from affected listeners, and discussing the latest medical advances. He will also interview people with Parkinson’s who may inspire others with the disease.

“I have found out about some fascinating people who have PD,” McCoy said. “Like an artist in Chicago who paints beautiful pieces of art with his shaking hand and a NASA astronaut who worked on the space station while dealing with PD. I feel like by interviewing these people, they may be able to help those who feel depressed by the fact that this disease is robbing them of their movement.”

McCoy’s own PD has progressed enough to where he can’t perform the type of daily radio show that entertained Atlanta fans for many years along with co-host Vikki Locke. “I also felt that since my symptoms were increasing that it was time to inform my children and friends, which was very painful for me to do,” McCoy said.“ I didn’t want people to know. I didn’t want to be treated differently. I didn’t want a pity party.”

Since he has made his condition public, McCoy has been busy talking to people with Parkinson’s and reading every book on the topic he can get his hands on. He realized that PD affects people in many different ways, and  that many patients, including himself, may not be doing everything they can do to live as best they can with the disease. He hopes the new podcast will help others fighting PD.

He has also been invited by the Parkinson’s Action Network (PAN) to join their representatives in Washington, D.C. to talk speak to Congress about PD beginning February 27th. “I’m very thrilled and excited about this opportunity,” McCoy said.

Listener’s anywhere in the world can listen to “Steve McCoy’s Parkinson’s in Real Time” podcast on the show’s Facebook page. The first few podcasts will be recorded, but McCoy hopes to do some live shows and take calls from listeners. Stay tuned!

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  1. I’m with the Support Group for Parkinson’s in Larimer County, Fort Collins, Colorado. I want to let everyone know about your show! Sounds like just what is needed. Billie Pawlikowski

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