Testimonials for LDBF-PD Gladiators Boxing Training Program

“I was diagnosed with PD in February of 2014, but I believe I had already had it for a year or so. In December, a friend told me of a tv show she had seen about combatting PD with boxing. I contacted the founders of PD Gladiators, Larry & Ellie Kahn, and attended my first class shortly thereafter. That was 17 months ago and I am very grateful to the Kahn’s and Paul Delgado for their passion in starting and growing this program. I won’t miss a class unless there is something I just absolutely can’t get out of. While I don’t recommend PD as a way of making new friends, that is what has happened. New good friends, great trainers, and emotional support is the way with PD Gladiators and Delgado Boxing.”—Jerry M., Cumming, GA

“I am a believer, one of many, who regularly participate in the Delgado boxing workout program.  Paul Delgado and his excellent team of trainers have created a varied series of boxing and exercise programs to clearly improve strength, mobility, balance, core and overall physical condition.  After more than 1 1/2 years with Delgado boxing I enjoy significant improvement in my overall well-being.  Thank you Paul.”—Marc N., Marietta, GA 

“I can’t believe that at age 72 I can sustain this level of exercise and training.  The Gladiator program is definitely responsible for my improved gait, fitness and balance.  My wife who trains with me sees a big improvement.  Kudos to all.” –Vanard M., Mableton, GA.

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