The Exercise Files: A Researcher’s Perspective

Madeleine E. Hackney, PhD The Exercise Files blogDr. Madeleine E. Hackney, Ph.D, is the Research Advisor to PD Gladiators. She is a Research Health Scientist at the Atlanta VA Center for Visual and Neurocognitive Rehabilitation and an Assistant professor of Medicine in the division of General Medicine and Geriatrics at the Emory School of Medicine. She holds a Ph.D. in Movement Science from Washington University and a BFA in Dance from NYU, Tisch School of the Arts and has also been an American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer since 2000. Dr. Hackney’s extensive research interests include inquiry into challenging exercise programs–traditional exercise, Tai Chi and partnered tango classes–designed to improve physical function and quality of life in people with PD, older adults and those with serious mental illness. In 2014, she co-founded MDT Education Solutions, which has trained dozens of fitness and allied health professionals how to develop and lead safe, evidence-based exercise programs for people with PD at all stages of the disease, including almost all instructors in the PD Gladiators Metro Atlanta Fitness Network (including the YMCA of Metro Atlanta).

Dr. Hackney has hosted a blog on PD Gladiators’ feed, “The Exercise Files: A Researcher’s Perspective.” Since 2015, she and her distinguished colleagues from around the globe have posted on exercise-related topics. The topics of available posts are represented by the graphics below–you can access an updated index of all episodes of The Exercise Files by clicking the button.