PD Gladiators is in the process of developing a volunteer program and will post more information and a volunteer application on this page shortly. If you would like us to alert you when the application is available, please complete the following form. Thank you!


PD Gladiators™ is a nonprofit organization devoted to combating Parkinson’s disease with vigorous exercise. Our mission is to focus the attention of people with PD and the medical community on the role of exercise in slowing the progression of PD and to make community-based exercise programs available to people with PD and their care partners.

Our mission can only be achievable by the help of Volunteers like yourself to assist in connecting people with Parkinson’s Disease to vigorous exercise classes.

PD Gladiators 2.0 is an organization led by qualified Directors who chair committees and guide an active volunteer corps to assist in day to day operations.

Examples of our Volunteer needs:


  1. Data base cleanup
  2. Accounting support
  3. Stuffing/Addressing Envelopes


  1. Writing articles for the newsletter
  2. Speaking to support groups
  3. Manning a table at an event
  4. Visiting classes to hand out presentation folders for Doctors
  5. Design promotional materials
  6. Website re-design

Grant Writing:

Fundraising Event Committee:


For further questions please email us at volunteer@pdgladiators.org


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