How to Identify Your Type of Gambler


Are you a problem gambler? Or do you gamble socially with friends and family? Whether you gamble for entertainment, to self-soothe unpleasant emotions, or for socialization, gambling can be a serious problem. To stop gambling, you must first identify your type of gambler and develop a strategy to overcome your problem. The following are some techniques to help you identify your type of gambler. However, if you’re a social gambler, you should seek professional help to overcome your problem.

Problem gambler

Many problem gamblers are unaware that their behavior has negative consequences. A person may be a responsible and hard-working person, but they are vulnerable to developing a gambling problem. Gamblers often attribute the problems they face to gambling skills or financial issues. In reality, problem gamblers enter a compromised state of mind and are at risk of making poor choices or taking risks that are damaging to their health. Problem gamblers often decline to reveal their names.

Compulsive gambler

If you think you may be a compulsive gambler, you need to seek professional help. During your primary care visit, you can mention your gambling habits and seek help from a mental health professional. Your doctor may ask you about your gambling habits and seek your consent to talk to family members about your habits. Your doctor will also perform a physical examination to rule out any health conditions associated with compulsive gambling.

Professional gambler

Becoming a professional gambler is not for everyone. Even if you love gambling and play for cash, it is difficult to dedicate the necessary time to master the techniques required for successful wagering. But if you are retired and don’t mind working part time, it is possible to learn everything you need to know about the gambling industry. Then, you can join online casinos and start playing for cash with Bitcoin. Moreover, you can also invest in sports betting systems that will allow you to win more money and minimize your losses.

Social gambler

A social gambler can be classified into two types. A casual social gambler uses gambling as a way to relieve stress, similar to a social drinker. A serious social gambler primarily relies on gambling to cope with life’s ups and downs. While both types can be harmful, they don’t require medical treatment to cease their gambling habits. The following list describes the characteristics of a social gambler. This article describes the difference between the two types of gamblers and explains their characteristics.

Illegal gambler

Bruce Galea junior, Australia’s most prolific illegal gambler, has a complex background. A Maltese Catholic, he grew up in the beachside eastern suburbs of Sydney with his older brother Clive. While his father went on to become a solicitor, Bruce followed in his father’s footsteps as a rugby league commentator. The study reveals that a significant portion of illegal gamblers are also excessive gamblers.

Ways to stop gambling

Some ways to stop gambling include identifying triggers and cravings for gambling, allowing yourself to talk to a trusted friend or family member, and taking breaks from the habit. You can use distractions such as yoga, meditation, or a walk to calm your mind and prevent you from gambling. Other ways to stop gambling include replacing the harmful habit with a healthier one. If you can’t find a good solution for your problem on your own, consider seeking professional help.