Types of Bets in Roulette (French: Roullete)

Roulette (French: Roullete) is a casino game where players place wagers on a single number, a variety of groupings of numbers, whether the number is even or odd, and if the numbers are high (19-36) or low (1-18). The betting combinations that can be placed in roulette range from simple straight bets to more complex and interesting bets.

The game of Roulette has offered glamour, mystery and excitement to gamblers since the 17th century. However, it’s also a complex and challenging game that can be difficult to master, and is therefore only recommended for serious betters who understand its rules and know how to play it.

In order to win in roulette, you must be able to correctly guess the outcome of the spin. The ball lands on a wheel divided into numbered spaces called “pockets” that are painted red and black. The numbers – including the zeros – are spaced out evenly on the wheel.

A roulette wheel has a wooden disk slightly convex in shape and is surrounded by metal partitions known as separators or frets. The compartments between these are painted alternately red and black on European-style wheels, and green on American-style wheels.

Each of the 36 slots on the wheel is labeled with a number ranging from 1 to 35. In the case of European-style wheels, a 37th slot is also painted green, and in the case of American-style wheels, two green slots are placed on opposite sides.

There are many different types of bets that can be made in roulette, and they differ in terms of payouts, odds, and the amount of chips required to place them. Some of the most common bets include:

Inside Bets

The inside bets in roulette are the ones that require you to bet on individual digits on the board. These bets are usually cheaper than outside bets, and have a higher likelihood of hitting.

Corner bets and square bets are also available on the roulette table. A corner bet is a bet that involves placing a chip on the shared point between four numbers on the board, and it pays 8-1 if any of those four numbers win.

Six line bets are similar to corner bets, but they involve placing a chip on the intersection between two lines of three numbers on the roulette board. If any of these six numbers wins, the bet pays 5-1.

Announced bets are special betting combinations that you’ll often find in French Roulette and online European Roulette variants. These are bets that you won’t find on other casino games but that can help you increase your winning chances by reducing the house edge.

These bets are very popular and can be very lucrative. But you should be aware that these bets are only allowed in specific casinos and they have very strict betting limits.