30 Days of Hope

Join PD Gladiators for a month of hope, fitness, challenges and fun. Look out for a new email each week during Parkinson’s Awareness Month as we journey together through 30 Days of Hope! Not receiving our emails? Subscribe here.

Week 4 – Buddy Up

April 22-28

This week we are encouraging PwP’s to find an exercise buddy (if you don’t already have one). Many studies have shown that people are more likely to commit and stay fit if someone else is there for them and counting on them. Having an exercise buddy helps us dedicate ourselves to exercise with the added bonus of building endearing and enduring relationships.

Not only should your exercise buddy be a good cheerleader and accountability partner, but they should also have a compatible schedule, similar interests and it’s helpful when you live near your buddy so that carpooling is an option.

Don’t have an exercise buddy? Don’t sweat it! We have some good news to share …


Keep your eyes and ears peeled for a tremendous program coming soon from PD Gladiators. We’re very excited to introduce our Gladiator Guides program which will be in full force shortly and will offer an enrichment initiative to get and keep everyone involved in and enjoying exercise.

Week 3 – Show Us Your Moves

April 15-21

This is the “show me” phase and we’d like to know – and see – Where in the World you have been exercising? Whether it’s in a PD Gladiators network class, out in nature or in your home, show us where in the world and how in the world you are dedicating yourself to feel better through exercise.

Be Creative! Submit Your Photo in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Ask someone to take a picture of you in action (or use that selfie stick!) Consider before and after pics or even group shots to get others involved in the fun.
  2. Show us your moves. Did you knock the ball over the net and over your opponent’s head? Did you get a good upper cut? Were your feet grooving and moving to that awesome tempo? Did you reach for the stars in half moon or howl at the moon in down dog? Did you traverse the trail and feel the wind in your face?
  3. Email your Where in the World action shot to annie.long@pdgladiators.org. This is a great way to inspire, motivate and engage your fellow PwPs (and a little bragging never hurt anyone!) Need inspiration? Learn more about our PD Gladiators Metro Atlanta Fitness Network classes.

Week 2 – Take the 5-Day Fitness Challenge

April 8-14

Throughout the month of April, our goal is to empower and inspire you to take charge of your health and inspire others to do the same. To get you started, take the 5-day Fitness Challenge and you could win a new Fitbit® Alta!

Tips to Get You Moving Each Day

  • Practice safety first! Consult with your doctor and/or physical therapist for help finding the right exercise program for you.
  • Attend a PD Gladiators Metro Atlanta Fitness Network class. Click here to find a class near you.
  • Do something around the house for at least 30 minutes that gets your heart rate up (e.g., mow the lawn, vacuum, walk around your neighborhood).
  • Try a new type of exercise. Need a little inspiration? Check out one of our most inspiring boxers in action.

*Fitness challenge submissions should be emailed to annie.long@pdgladiators.org by Friday, April 13 at midnight to be considered for the Fitbit drawing. Submissions should include your contact information and a few sentences about your week of fitness (e.g., what did you do each day, how did it make you feel).

Week 1 – Get Smart(er) about Exercise and PD

April 1-7

If you participate in PD Gladiators network fitness classes, keep up the good work! And for those of you not currently active, we hope you take this opportunity to push yourself to adopt new habits that could dramatically impact your quality of life.


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