A Daughter Supports Her Gladiator Mom by Running for the Money

Lynn Turley joined the PD Gladiators Boxing Training program operated by the Livramento Delgado Boxing Foundation in October, and she and her companion, Spencer Roane, have become two of the program’s most enthusiastic participants. Lynn is an example of how discovering an effective group exercise program adapted for Parkinson’s disease and sticking with it religiously can bring hope and joy to an entire family. Each of Lynn’s and Spencer’s children has been to Delgado Gym for a workout with our class, and Lynn’s daughter, Lindsay, was so inspired she has dedicated her run in the NYC half-marathon later this month to PD Gladiators. If you would like to support Lindsay’s fundraiser in honor of her Mom and others with PD who share the gladiator spirit, please CLICK HERE. To learn more about Lynn’s inspirational story in her own words, read on:

Lynn & Spencer

Lynn & Spencer

I was diagnosed with PD in October 2011.  Before then, I was aware my symptoms were pointing toward PD and did some of my own research.  It seemed to me that exercise, along with medication, should be encouraged by neurologists, although the two I have seen didn’t make that suggestion, and didn’t show much interest when I asked about it.

I belong to a brand name gym and started going to yoga, weights, and Pilates classes 4-5 times a week.  I became discouraged with the classes because I didn’t see much improvement, and actually felt I was losing arm strength (it was also a little embarrassing to continue to fall over when balancing on one foot in yoga ;o)).  I eventually stopped going altogether.

A friend from Indiana saw a news article about boxing as a great PD exercise, but at the time, Atlanta didn’t have a similar class.  I more or less forgot about the boxing until last October, when searching the Atlanta PD website I found the boxing class and the PD Gladiators!  I called Delgado’s Gym and joined the class the next day! My companion, Spencer, joined the class as well, and his support and encouragement get me to the class on days I consider playing hooky!

My daughter, Lindsay, who is raising money for the Gladiators through running the NYC half-marathon, is also very supportive.  She went to class with us while visiting in November, and was very impressed!

Finding this program has been great!  I like having class with others in my situation, the participants are a wonderful group of people, and our trainers are so supportive!  Over the past four months I have noticed an improvement in arm strength, balance, and coordination. I expect to continue to improve and will make every effort to attend all three weekly sessions.

I would recommend this gym and this class to anyone with PD – and even to those who don’t have PD!  Recent publicity for the program has led to many new members, and I expect that will continue!

Thanks Delgado Gym and PD Gladiators!

Lynn Turley

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