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Brains Need Exercise Too

By Valeria Gary, CCC-SLP Speech-Language Pathologist A commonly known fact is that physical activity is good for your health. It’s not just your muscles and heart that benefit from exercise. Physical activity is also good for cognitive* health. But don’t stop at just physical activity. Your brain needs to be “exercised” too. Research has shownRead More »

Interview with an Occupational Therapist – What You Need to Know

Interview Conducted by: Valeria Gary, M.A., CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist, Certified in LSVT-LOUD and SpeakOUT! Interviewee: Celina Parkman, MS, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist, Kennestone Outpatient Neuro Rehabilitation   Why would I need to see an occupational therapist if I already have a physical therapist? While a physical therapist works with strength and mobility, an occupational therapist works onRead More »

You Are Not As Loud As You Think

By Valeria Gary, M.A., CCC-SLP Speech-Language Pathologist Certified in LSVT-LOUD and SpeakOUT! Do your loved ones have trouble hearing you even though you are sure you are speaking with a normal voice? Can your hard-of-hearing spouse hear everyone but you? Do you get tired of repeating yourself? Do people seem to encourage you to talkRead More »

Emory Medical Students Helping PD Gladiators Measure Impact of Programs

We are a group of medical students at the Emory University School of Medicine volunteering with the PD Gladiators organization. Our mission is to help PD Gladiators build long-term records and demonstrate the efficacy of the programs. In order to accomplish this, we are asking any PwP’s who currently participate in PD Gladiators fitness classesRead More »

“Living Well with Parkinson’s: Nutrition and Neuroplasticity” – Event Highlights 30 Days of Hope

Written by Annie Long and Larry Kahn PD Gladiators has been conducting our 30 Days of Hope campaign to mark Parkinson’s Awareness Month, emphasizing the enormous potential of exercise and other lifestyle modifications to slow the progression of PD and improve quality of life for people living with Parkinson’s. The highlight of the campaign wasRead More »

The Role of a Physical Therapist in PD

Written by Amy Morse, PT, DPT With all of the information out regarding exercise and PD, it can be confusing to understand where a Physical Therapist (PT) fits in. A PT specializes in movement and should become a part of the allied health team immediately following diagnosis. A PD-specialized PT will use research-based principles to driveRead More »

The Exercise Files: A Fight Worth a Good Punch

Posting for Dr. Hackney this month is Stephanie Combs-Miller, PT, PhD, NCS, ia board-certified clinical specialist in neurologic physical therapy, educator and researcher at University of Indianapolis. Dr. Combs-Miller has collaborated with Rock Steady Boxing for the past 10 years to build the community-based partnership and to conduct research on the effects of boxing training for peopleRead More »

Paul Delgado Gladiator of the Year Award: Nominate Your Fellow Gladiator!

PD Gladiators is now accepting nominations for the 2017 Paul Delgado Gladiator of the Year Award. The tribute will be granted annually to a person living with Parkinson’s disease who has combated PD with hard work, dedication and perseverance–traits exhibited by Paul Delgado, the recently-retired founder of the Livramento Delgado Boxing Foundation-PD Gladiators Boxing Training for PDRead More »


By John Tabellione While the closing of Delgado Boxing & Fitness marks the end of an era for owner Paul Delgado, he has built a legacy that will endure beyond bricks and mortar. During the course of searching for multiple adjectives and synonyms to describe Delgado’s engaging personality and multiple accomplishments, the origins of hisRead More »

The Fantastic Five Take PD Gladiators By Storm!

Next Generation of Doctors Learning About PD From You Lean, young and confident, they strode onto the floor at Delgado Boxing in a (presumably) unintended V-formation, reminiscent of a tribe of newly-minted superheroes. But “The Fantastic Five,” as I have since dubbed them, are mere mortals seeking to understand how those of us struggling withRead More »