LDBF-PD Gladiators Boxing Training for PD I/II

Curriculum: The focus of LDBF’s PD Gladiators I/II Class is to improve fitness level, address posture and balance, encourage deep breathing, and stress accuracy and speed of movements. Classes are fast-paced, and transitions between exercises will be pretty quick. In each class, participants will stretch and warm up, perform calisthenics and neuromotor drills, and receive instruction in boxing training techniques using focus mitts, heavy bags, speed bags, and double-ended bags. Here’s a brief video from one of LDBF’s PD Gladiators I/II classes:

Eligibility: LDBF-PD Gladiators I/II is open to men and women with PD and their care partners. There is no age limitation but participants should consult with their physicians before joining. The program includes participants ranging from their 40s to well into their 70s, but the LDBF-PD Gladiators III/IV class is more suitable for people who require the use of an assistive device to stand or walk. Fighters with balance issues will be evaluated by LDBF’s trainers on a case-by-case basis and may be required to be accompanied by a capable caregiver (or volunteer) and wear a gait belt to participate in this class.

Safety:  LDBF-PD Gladiators I/II is designed to push participants to exercise outside their comfort zone, the intensity physical therapists and clinical researchers believe provides the maximum benefit to people with Parkinson’s. Instructors will be sensitive to the limitations of each participant, but it will be the responsibility of the participants to regulate the intensity of their work-out on an individual basis. Take a water break when you need one!

Several trainers at LDBF have completed the renowned Rock Steady Boxing Training Camp for PD and are certified Rock Steady Method Coaches. Other coaches trained by them will assist Gladiator Gdepending upon class size, but participants should be capable of performing the exercises without regular one-on-one attention.

When: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, 11am – 12:15pm
Tuesday evenings, 7pm – 8pm
Saturdays, 8am – 9:15am and 12pm – 1:15pm

Where: Fitness Firm, 199 Hildebrand Dr., Sandy Springs, GA 30328 (gym and parking is around the back of the strip mall).

Cost: First two classes free! Then purchase a monthly pass from LDBF for only $80 if you like it (you will)–about $6/class if you attend three classes a week. Classes may also be paid for individually, by purchasing a 10-class service package for $9 per class.

Registration/Reservations: Contact LBDF to make an appointment for an initial class placement assessment at (404) 747-3032. Once you have been placed in the appropriate class, no reservations are required to attend classes. We recommend contacting PD Gladiators or the instructor (or checking the Online Scheduler‘s CLASSES tab) to confirm the class you wish to attend has not been cancelled for the day. You can also make block reservations using the scheduler to receive convenient email reminders for each class.

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  1. Hi, Kim. Your friends in class are looking forward to seeing you at the gym again! Knuckle Up is trying to be an excellent host to the program. They are working hard to set up a boxing area of the gym with our PD equipment stored close at hand. While we miss Delgado Boxing and Paul’s inspirational leadership, the other trainers we know and love are stepping up to fill that void, and before long we hope that Knuckle Up will feel like home.


  2. I have been a regular for 2 years at Delgado. Recently, I’ve been dealing with personal and family issues and have missed the last 3 Saturday class (12noon) plan to come tomorrow. This will be my first time at Knuckle Up Fitness
    Kim Arnhart

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