LDBF-PD Gladiators Boxing Training for PD III/IV

Curriculum: Participants in the LDBF-PD Gladiators III/IV class will perform most of the same exercises as in the LDBF-PD Gladiators I/II class but at a slower pace and incorporating more seated or supported activity, as needed, to address high balance risks and gait problems. Exercises will be modified to the individual’s capabilities with one-on-one instruction or supervision. Class goals will be to improve speed and accuracy of movements and postural imbalances, work on flexibility, encourage deep breathing techniques and voice therapy, and pay attention to cognitive impairment issues. Fighters will stretch and warm up, perform seated or standing calisthenics and neuromotor drills, and receive instruction in boxing training techniques using focus mitts, heavy bags, speed bags, and double-ended bags.

Watch the class in action in this FOX 5 News medical report by Beth Galvin, featuring one of our boxers, Lea Nixon. and in the short clip below, featuring Elaine Glover, who travels an hour and a half each way, three times a week, with her husband Warren from Cleveland, Georgia to participate!

Eligibility: This program is suitable for people with Parkinson’s disease who want or need a less intense workout than provided in the LDBF-PD Gladiators I/II class, have symptoms that require more trainer or volunteer attention, and/or need to exercise in a seated or supported position.Livramento Delgado Boxing Foundation

Safety:  While this program is designed to push participants to exercise outside their comfort zones–the intensity physical therapists and clinical researchers believe provides the maximum benefit to people with Parkinson’s—LDBF recognizes that the “comfort zone” for people with more advanced PD symptoms is significantly different than for those with less impairments. LDBF’s lead trainers are certified Rock Steady Method Coaches and will be assisted by coaches trained by them as well as volunteers. Any boxer identified as a high fall risk or who has difficulties with cognition will be paired with a coach, volunteer or capable care partner when performing challenging activities.

Volunteer Opportunity – Physical therapist Dhana Harrelson is coordinating a team of volunteer physical therapists and physical therapy students on behalf of LDBF to help staff the LDBF-PD Gladiators III/IV class on a rotational basis. If you are interested in volunteering (one Saturday every month or two), please contact Dhana at yoyopt0516@gmail.com.

When: Mondays and Wednesdays, 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Saturdays, 10:30am – 11:30am

Where: Fitness Firm, 199 Hildebrand Dr., Sandy Springs, GA 30328 (gym and parking is around the back of the strip mall).

Cost: First two classes free, then purchase a 10-class service package for $90 or a monthly pass for $80. Care partners who volunteer to assist their participating partner will not be charged (but they will be responsible for attending to their partner and will not work out independently).

Registration/Reservations: This class is limited to 20 participants, so please call PD Gladiators at (770) 450-0792 or LDBF at (404) 747-3032 or use the PD Gladiators Scheduler to reserve a place. Advance notice will help us make sure LDBF has sufficient volunteers to assist with the class.

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