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The Exercise Files: A Fight Worth a Good Punch

Posting for Dr. Hackney this month is Stephanie Combs-Miller, PT, PhD, NCS, ia board-certified clinical specialist in neurologic physical therapy, educator and researcher at University of Indianapolis. Dr. Combs-Miller has collaborated with Rock Steady Boxing for the past 10 years to build the community-based partnership and to conduct research on the effects of boxing training for peopleRead More »

The Exercise Files: An Interview with the Founders of Israel’s “Dance Through Life” Program

I recently had the great pleasure of lecturing and teaching adapted tango workshops for people with PD, caregivers and physical therapists in Tel Aviv, Israel! Yulia Gamerman and Rita Elimelsh invited me to come work with their patients and colleagues and I got to see their thriving physical activity for people with PD– which happensRead More »

The Exercise Files: Standard of Care for Treatment of Balance Issues

This month Dr. Hackney consulted Dr. Ramon Gil for his perspective on treating balance issues in PD. Dr. Gil is a Board Certified Neurologist specializing in Parkinson’s Disease and other Movement Disorders. Dr. Madeleine Hackney:  I’m interested in what you would consider “standard of care/current practices” for the treatment of balance issues in PD. WhatRead More »

The Exercise Files: How to Choose a Physical Therapist for PD

Posting for Dr. Hackney this month is Cameron Jadali, PT, DPT, a physical therapist working at Emory University where he teaches in their doctorate of physical therapy program, conducts PD research with Dr. Lucas McKay, treats PD patients in the Movement Disorders Clinic, and receives specialty training to become a Neurologic Clinical Specialist. I wouldRead More »

The Exercise Files: Are my kids going to get PD?

Posting for Dr. Hackney this month is Dr. J. Lucas McKay, Ph.D., M.S.C.R., an Assistant Professor in Biomedical Engineering at Emory / Georgia Tech. Dr. McKay’s research interests include the effects of PD pathophysiology on balance, gait, and fall risk. He is also interested in PD epidemiology (who gets it and why) and in howRead More »

The One Best Exercise for Parkinson’s Disease

Posting for Dr. Hackney this month is Dr. Joe Nocera, PhD, an Assistant Professor in Neurology at Emory and a Health Science Specialist in the Atlanta VA Rehabilitation R&D Center of Excellence for Visual and Neurocognitive Rehabilitation. Dr. Nocera’s research interests include interactions between physical function and cognition with particular emphasis on the impact of dualRead More »

The Exercise Files: Rehabilitation Programs That Engage Rhythmic Movement

You may have heard that movement programs that include auditory cues, in the form of metronome or music (aka, Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation or RAS) might help movements for people with PD. In PD, RAS with metronome beats has been used to improve walking. Studies have shown the positive effects of RAS on the symptoms ofRead More »

To Be Or Not To Be A Busy Body

Posting for Dr. Hackney today is Sheneka Winston, a certified fitness trainer and MDT-trained fitness specialist (Parkinson’s-specific training). She teaches the Parkinson’s Movement class at the East Lake YMCA. “Stop running!” “Be still!” “Stop fidgeting!” “Sit down!” As kids, these are phrases we’ve likely heard from our mothers at some point in time. Some of usRead More »

PD and Yoga: Unifying Body and Mind

Posting for Dr. Hackney this month is Bruce Rollins, a third year Physical Therapy student at Emory University. He is certified as a Community Exercise Trainer for People with Parkinson’s Disease (American Council on Exercise). He has a strong interest in incorporating “non-traditional” methods of therapy into his future PT practice, including Yoga, Pilates, andRead More »

Stay Injury Free While Combating Parkinson’s Disease

Posting for Dr. Hackney this month is Maggie Coslett a doctoral candidate at Emory University School of Medicine’s DPT program. She is also working on a Dance Medicine Directed Study Internship, evaluating and providing appropriate therapeutic interventions for a variety of dance-specific injuries and conditions . Maggie has assisted with treatment sessions for Atlanta Ballet dancers and otherRead More »