Fall 2015 Gladiator Gazette: Our Latest Newsletter

It has been a little over a year since the PD Gladiators Metro Atlanta Fitness Network was launched, and we’ve grown to more than 40 weekly classes, including 19 classes at 13 branches of the YMCA of Metro Atlanta, with community participation improving as the news gets out. Thank you to our sponsors who fund and support these programs, to the instructors whose generous and joyful spirits inspire us to fight, and to those doctors and physical therapists who understand that this unique community asset will not sustain itself unless the healthcare community embraces it.

Gladiator Gazette Header Fall 2015

Our latest newsletter, Gladiator Gazette Fall 2015 (click this link or the image to the left to view in your browser), is being distributed today in PDF format, featuring news about even more expansion of the Network, the latest exercise research, a profile of our featured Gladiator, a new paradigm suggested by one of Atlanta’s leading Movement Disorder Specialists for the treatment of newly-diagnosed Parkinson’s patients, and a model program demonstrating how community/healthcare partnerships can create sustainable programs for people with PD to exercise over the long term. This edition of the Gladiator Gazette also includes a special call to action for doctors, therapists, people with PD and those who love and care for them that bears repeating here:

For Doctors & Therapists: Please contact us to discuss the importance of informing your PD patients about establishing a safe, effective and sustainable exercise routine. We can send information about the latest research and Network classes, arrange a Lunch & Learn or have Emory’s Dr. Jorge Juncos respond personally.

For Patients & Care Partners: If you have an upcoming appointment with your neurologist or PT and would like to encourage them to prescribe exercise, please contact us and we’ll mail you a folder to present at your next visit that highlights the latest scientific research on PD and exercise and provides information about Network classes.

Contact Info: (770) 450-0792 or pdgladiators@gmail.com

Why the emphasis on reaching out to doctors and therapists? Because it is critical for newly-diagnosed PD patients to learn the importance of exercise immediately–that there is hope they can take back some control over their disease–and the healthcare experts who treat them are often their only source of information unless they create the bridge to the PD support community. Please help us build a community/healthcare alliance that will make the PD Gladiators Metro Atlanta Fitness Network a fixture in the Parkinson’s community infrastructure for years to come!

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