Guest Post by John Baumann: Live An Amazing Life With Parkinson’s

John Baumann

John Baumann

The following is a guest post by John Baumann. John has had Parkinson’s for 12 years and is available to present to groups on the general topic of success as well as the specific topic of “Living an Amazing Life in the Face of a Life-changing Event.” I heard him deliver the keynote address at last year’s Southeast Parkinson’s Disease Conference, and he is indeed inspirational.

I am a Parkinson’s patient. Strike that. I’m told that the politically correct label is a “Person with Parkinson’s.” I have never been interested in what others say is politically correct.

That is not me. I mean, I do have the disease, but, what I like to say is, “I have Parkinson’s disease; it does NOT have me.”

These are not just words: it is my life’s mission. I will continue to do ALL the things I have always done as well as I can for as long as I can and, along the way, help (mentor) as many people as possible. This applies to any life-changing events that we may experience during our lives.

Some set as a goal “Living Well with Parkinson’s.” I say, “Don’t settle for just living well. Instead, choose to ‘Live an Amazing Life’ with Parkinson’s or any other life-changing condition.”

How is that possible?

It means doing whatever it takes to slow, delay, stem, even BEAT this, or any other, disease or condition, including:

(1) learning as much as you can about the condition or life-changing event (including the non-motor emotional effects);
(2) only putting healthy things into your body;
(3) exercising every day beyond your comfort zone;
(4) having a positive attitude; and
(5) remaining “engaged.”

These things are not easy. In fact, they are very hard, but you HAVE to do it. You have no choice. This is your new JOB.

This life is not a dress rehearsal. It is the live production. Each of us has the power and strength within us if we dig deep enough. Dig deep. This is what I talk about in my inspirational and motivational presentations around the world.

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  1. Hi John, by reading this, it was as if I hear myself talking. Every word you say is part of my life or I try my best to make it part. I was diagnosed at 22 and I am 53 now, still going strong.

    If you ever planning on coming to South Africa, let me know. I would love meeting a fellow parkie from abroad.

    Keep it up!!


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