Atlanta-area Clinical Research Opportunities

What is clinical research?

Clinical research studies are designed to help us learn how to better treat – or in some cases simply how to better understand – diseases like Parkinson’s.

Most people are familiar with the idea of very expensive, “Phase III,” “Double-Blinded,” “Randomized” trials, because they are often covered in the popular press. (And because they can often tank or float the stock price of big pharmaceutical companies.) In fact, many clinical research studies are designed to evaluate the safety, efficacy, or cost-effectiveness of new treatments, such as drugs, exercise programs, or devices.

However, many clinical research studies are not “trials” at all – they may be designed to help us learn more about, say, what factors are important in predicting who will develop PD, or to help us better understand what happens to the brain and body when PD is present. And some of them may even just be something as simple as market research directed at people with PD.

Clinical research opportunities in the Atlanta area

There are many opportunities to get involved in clinical research in the Atlanta area! Whether you are a person with Parkinson’s or a family member or friend, there are opportunities to participate in research, meet people working on Parkinson’s disease, and learn more about the condition.

The following Parkinson’s disease clinical research studies are recruiting participants in the Atlanta metro area. Click the links below to learn how to sign up.

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This page is maintained by J. Lucas McKay PhD MSCR, PD Gladiators Clinical Research Liaison. Dr. McKay is an Assistant Professor in Biomedical Engineering at Emory/Georgia Tech. Dr. McKay has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Research from Emory University. His research applies engineering and clinical research techniques to understand and prevent falls in Parkinson’s disease. More information about Dr. McKay’s work is available at Google Scholar and Pubmed. His full CV is available here. His work is primarily supported by the National Institutes of Health.

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Would you like to post an opportunity?

If you are a clinical researcher or research center please submit flyers, etc. to Dr. McKay for posting here. Submissions may be edited lightly for clarity.

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